AER Alberta Energy Regulator Public Offering and Results

A powerful visualization tool built specifically for Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry



A Data Visualization and Mapping System for the Petroleum & Natural Gas Sales

Interactive MapsMaps

A modern GIS viewer for the Alberta Energy PNG/OS Public Offering and Results

  • Each land sale contract is color coded based on sold status

  • Instant map updates based on filter changes

  • Real time map interaction to display full contract reports

  • Integrated Alberta DLS survey grid reference

  • Filter by multiple areas of interest

Interactive Maps


Find out the Summary Statistics

  • Dynamically calculates totals for contract information

  • Sort by Sales Date, Hectares, Bonus Paid and Dollars per hectare

  • View the total contracts for a given filter setting

  • Display the average values for Hectares, Bonus Paid and Dollars per hectare

  • Display all the statistics separated by companies



Get the full report for every sales contract

  • Displays all the reports for a given filter setting

  • All ownership and percentage information

  • Tracts show zones with landkey and DLS description

  • Addenda, restriction, DRRZD and ZD codes


StatisticsSpreadsheet Data

Full Table Data

  • Sort by Sales Date, Hectares, Bonus Paid and Dollars per hectare

  • Automatically displays table information based on filter settings

  • Filter by contract type, Sale date and company ownership

Spreadsheet Data

Custom Data Processing and Extracts

We can provide custom parsing, loading and extraction services.

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